Home Cleaning Tips: The Top Cleaning Mistakes That Needs to Be Avoided

There are only a handful of people who love to clean, while the rest want to get over with it as fast as possible. If you are one of those people who does not like cleaning but has no choice but to clean, below are the top cleaning mistakes that you need to avoid to reduce possibilities of adding another arduous task.


Mistake #1: Putting too much detergent for the laundry

If you think that putting extra laundry detergent will make the clothes cleaner? Well, according to the experts, putting too much detergent more than what is recommended will not remove the stains, instead, it may cause fabric discoloration; similar when adding too much fabric softener and bleach.

Mistake #2: Wrong use of dishwasher

Raise your hand if you are one of those people who stack too many utensils at the dishwasher. Stacking too many utensils will make it harder for the appliance to clear off the stains efficiently. Instead, it might cause to rinse the dishes without you noticing that the dishwashing soap was not entirely used during the machine’s cleaning process.

Mistake #3: Using your cleaning rags almost everywhere

This is one of the most common cleaning mistakes that almost everyone is guilty of, overusing your cleaning cloth almost everywhere. This practice should be avoided as much as possible to avoid microbial cross-contamination.

Mistake #4: Wrong way of cleaning glass windows and doors

You probably get irritated when it comes to cleaning glass windows and doors because of the messy things happening when you try to wash them. Unfortunately, you are doing it the wrong way all this time. Before washing your windows using soap, water, and cleaning rags, you need to dust the windows first either with a vacuum or microfiber cloth. At this rate, it will be easier for you to remove dirt from your windows.

Mistake #5: Using colored towel when cleaning the carpet

Cleaning and vacuuming the carpet is one of the most cumbersome cleaning tasks, especially when you find a stain. Since not everyone is keen on cleaning the carpets unlike the #1 carpet cleaning company in Atlanta, everyone makes mistakes and one of those is using a colored towel when you are trying to remove the stain. When you are cleaning the carpets, never use colored towels or rags because it may cause “color bleeding” to the carpet fibers. In other words, you might transfer the color of the rags. Cleaning may not be everyone’s forte, but everyone should take time when cleaning to ensure your health and your family’s too.