Laminated and Tempered Auto Glass: What Are They?

The glass installed on the car is meant to protect the driver and his or her passengers without obstructing the view of the driver. With that being said, it is important for people to understand that the glasses in their cars should be repaired immediately once it has chips or cracks. Nevertheless, it should be replaced if the damage is no longer repairable. People who will need such services should make sure that they hire experts and not do the job on their own. Hence, our auto glass website will be a great help.


However, when it comes to type of auto glass that will be used on the car, the preference will depend on the customer. The technicians will only be suggesting which one is better. Hence, people should be aware of the two distinct types of windshield glasses.

Laminated Glass

This type of glass has been used for seven decades for car windshields. It is made of two or more layers of surrounding glass. It also has an inner layer, which acts as a binding agent that is made of resin or plastic. This layer is responsible for making sure that the surrounding glass does not break into small pieces once it is exposed to any damaging factors. Thus, people who have cars that laminated glass windshields will observe a spider-web-like crack pattern on their broken windshields. Taking such into consideration, the incidents of theft can also be reduced since the glass is hard to break. That is the reason why many experts recommend laminated glass for small and large vehicles.

In addition, laminated auto glass has an advantage when it comes to repairing capabilities. That is due to the fact that any types of cracks and/or chips that are present can be easily fixed just by filling it up properly with resin materials. In addition, since the product has several layers, it has the ability to reduce the noise that will be entering the car. Further, there are even auto glass manufacturers that produce laminated glasses that are equipped with UV protectants and temperature control systems.

Tempered Glass

Tempered auto glass, on the other hand, is quite easier to shatter than laminated auto glass. That is due to the fact that it is made with a single layer of glass. That is the reason why this is mainly used for side windows. Although many may not prefer this type of glass, its importance when it comes to an emergency cannot be questioned. Since it is easy to break, in cases wherein the person is trapped inside the vehicle, he or she will have an escape route. It should be remembered that laminated glass stays in place once it is broken. Thus, the individual inside will not be able to escape.

Nevertheless, no matter what type of glass individuals choose to place on their vehicles, they should remember that each one has its own advantage and disadvantage. Thus, it is always best that they weigh their options well, as well as seek the advice of a trusted glass technician.