Laser Genesis Rejuvenation: Is It Worth It?

Laser Genesis Rejuvenation is one of much non-invasive treatment that uses light energy to treat conditions that are commonly associated with sun damage and signs of premature aging. The procedure enables the production of new collagen. Thus, the highly advanced technology is capable of promoting vibrant and healthy skin to the patients. Additionally, the treatment includes improvement of pores, stimulating the growth of natural collagen, removing of irregular pigmentation, and reducing wrinkles and other fine lines.


But how effective is the procedure? The highly advanced technology gently heats the upper dermis below the skin’s surface, stimulating collagen re-growth. While the collagen re-growth is in the process, another heat is generated to dilate the capillaries in order to reduce redness of the skin during the procedure. Most patients who have undergone the procedure were happy with the results. More than having a rejuvenated and healthy skin results, below are some of the reasons why several people are too happy undergoing such treatment:

  • The treatment does not need downtime just heal.
  • It can dramatically improve the skin tone and texture, including the pore size and the reduce acne formation.
  • The procedure is considered non-ablative; which means the laser cannot injure the skin.
  • It does not have any side effects.
  • The treatment does not need anesthetics or topical gel.
  • The laser light can target specific areas of the skin.
  • You can have a fast and easy appointment. What kind of improvement can you expect with laser genesis rejuvenation therapy? It is important to remember that this therapy is not done overnight, like the mundane facial spa. The laser therapy is usually done in the course of five to six months, depending on the standard procedure of the spa.

During each stage of the procedure, patients will find themselves looking at a youthful glow, smoothened and even skin texture which was caused by sunburn, aging, and scars. Additionally, each patient will have reduced minor imperfections. The laser genesis rejuvenation has individual treatment results, where it can be subtle or dramatic, depending on the patient’s recovery. However, at the end of the day, each patient will still have a radiant and fairer looking skin. Conclusion The laser genesis rejuvenation is an effective treatment that everyone can use; in fact, it is one of the most effective procedures to have a radiant looking skin. If you want to have a radiant looking skin, Mona Esthetics can help you with it. In fact, all their procedure are hands-down best skin treatments in Memphis.