The Greatest Investment You Can Have in Your Entire Lifetime

How do you qualify happiness and success? This is one thing that everyone keeps on searching for. Sadly, many fought a lifetime to find it and up a failure. As they say, competing with others is not the real battle in life. But conquering one’s self is the greatest triumph you can ever achieve. With this comes the challenge to Invest in yourself today! It will unfold life’s greatest happiness and fulfillment you can’t find anywhere else.



Investing in yourself will not be easy. It starts with knowing who you really are. Sometimes, you look at yourself basing from other people’s perspective. But the truth is; your thought of yourself matters most. In fact, you should know yourself more than anybody else. The hardest part is accepting yourself, including your flaws. It may be easy to hide your imperfections by trying to emulate someone else. But as you do so, you take the risk of losing who you truly are. Technology may allow you to change the color of your skin and make a total makeover of your physical appearance. But as you look at the mirror, you know it’s not the real you. It is only in accepting your total self where you will find true happiness.


As you come to know yourself, you can make use of your strengths to help you overcome your weaknesses. In fact, your weakness can even turn out to be your greatest strength over time if you work hard on it. This is proven to be true. Einstein is a perfect example of it. He was a school drop out before he reached 15 years old. Who would ever think that he will turn out to be the world’s greatest genius? Oprah, on the other hand, used to be an abused child who almost ended her life when she planned of commuting suicide at the age of 14. But look at her now, she creates great impact on other people’s lives and serves as an inspiration to a lot of people to have a happy and meaningful life. This only proves that people are endowed with weaknesses not to pin them down but to let them discover their life’s greatest strength.


Once you get to know yourself better, no one can destroy you. Everything else will follow. You will be able to plan your life ahead and focus on your life’s goal. And since you are not competing with anybody but yourself, you will always end up successful. You will appreciate each of your achievement more and this will give you the drive to work hard to be better than what you are now. Since you know yourself, you wouldn’t push more than you are able to. Hence, you just enjoy life as it goes, being contented and grateful for every progress you achieve. And this is what true happiness is all about. After all, life is not just about striving hard for success but it is enjoying the journey along the process as well.