Things You Should Do in Peru

The Inca ruins of Machu Picchu are the first thing that comes to mind for travelers who want to explore the beautiful country of Peru. But, there is more to the enchanting place than just the secret city. Here are the top things that you should do when you visit Peru:


The Amazon

You might be wondering how a South American country be related to the Amazon. Well, part of the Amazon jungle is located in Peru and it is the most abundant section of the forest. You can explore the beauty of the nature by paddling canoes on the river, or trek the woods and meet the natives. Both ways would allow you to see how people adjust to make way for the jungle to blossom.

Peruvian Food 

You haven’t really visited a place if you haven’t tried their native dishes. Cuy or guinea pig is a popular exotic food among the visitors of the highlands of Peru. But, the most used and grown crop served in different dishes is the potato. You would be able to taste a variety of local food with the tubers whether they are mashed, boiled or just fried. Another unique thing about Peruvian Food is the kind of chili they mix in their dishes. Ajiamarillo and Rocoto are the two most used peppers in Peruvian Food.


The Mountains Hiking or climbing up the peaks of the Cordillera Huayhuash can be challenging. But, the scenery, the freshness of the air and the serenity that the trek would give you will make it all worth your while. You can also go and see the Vinicuna or the Rainbow Mountain. It is called so because of the striped colors on the mountains. The colors are actually different minerals like iron, sulfur, lime, copper, and more.

The Natives

You would not be able to say that you have enjoyed all that Peru can offer if you haven’t met the hospitable people of the country itself. The culture of Peru still lies in the hands of its people. Their dances, colorful crafts, food and everything about the country can be learned more through the natives, including their old religion. Although the cities of Peru have their own unique charm, the remote places are where the real treasures of Peru are. If you are planning a trip to Peru in the near future, make sure to put these on your list of MUST DOs.